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Fidel Movie Poster [Jul. 15th, 2012|04:46 pm]
Fidel Movie Poster by sobreiro
Fidel Movie Poster, a photo by sobreiro on Flickr.

Some days ago I was with a bunch of friends talking about movies, and one of them, André, was ADAMANT that Liam Neeson had played Fidel Castro in a movie (?)... I know that was obviously not true and bet him 100 bucks he was wrong. Suffice to say, later on, after some research on the Internet that revealed that the movie he remembered was actually from the 1960s ("Che!", in which Jack Palance played Castro), he begrudgingly paid me.

I was so amused by this, though, that I decided to make André a fake movie poster of the movie he imagined, as a gift.